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Misleading Domain Names

18 USC § 2252B – Misleading domain names on the Internet

Florida Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

Federal law prohibits a person to knowingly use misleading domain names on the Internet with the intent to deceive a person into viewing material constituting obscenity. Knowingly using a misleading domain name on the Internet with the intent to deceive a minor into viewing material that is harmful to minors on the Internet is a violation that carries a serious penalty if convicted.

What constitutes obscenity or material harmful to children can be hard to determine but ultimately it may come down to what a jury decides.

A conviction for violating this statute carries a fine or imprisonment of not more than 2 years or both. If a minor was deceived the term of imprisonment can increase up to 10 years.

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What to do

If you or someone you know has or may be charged with a  crime involving obscenity or material harmful to children  a qualified first amendment lawyer should be contacted immediately. No information should ever be given out to anybody without the presence of a lawyer. Speaking with law enforcement before consulting a lawyer can be a huge mistake even if you think it is the right thing to do.

There are many directions a case can go. To protect your rights and fight in your defense, a sex crimes lawyer is a necessary part of the process to ensure  the best outcome for your future.

Contact our offices for a complimentary consultation. Let us help you through this stressful and life altering event and seek justice on your behalf.

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