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Sexting by a Minor


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It is unlawful for a minor in the State of Florida to use a computer, or any other device capable of electronic data transmission or distribution, to transmit or distribute to another minor any photograph or video of any person which depicts nudity and is harmful to minors. (definitions link)

It is unlawful for a  minor to possess a photograph or video of any person that was transmitted or distributed by another minor which depicts nudity and is harmful to minor.A minor does not violate this paragraph if all of the following apply:

  1. The minor did not solicit the photograph or video.
  2. The minor took reasonable steps to report the photograph or video to the minor’s legal guardian or to a school or law enforcement official.
  3. The minor did not transmit or distribute the photograph or video to a third party.

See full statute subsection here

Definitions for this statute

What to do

Laws such as this directed at children can cause harm to that child. Besides the damage this can do to a child’s future, emotional trauma from the arrest or damage to ones reputation can occur.  If you or someone you know has or may be charged with a this crime a qualified sex crimes lawyer should be contacted immediately.  No information should ever be given out to anybody without the presence of a lawyer. Speaking with law enforcement before consulting a lawyer can be a huge mistake even if you think it is the right thing to do.

There are many directions a case can go. To protect your rights and fight in your defense, a sex crimes lawyer is a necessary part of the process to ensure  the best outcome for your future.

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